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» Apple Computer Co. (AAPL).         Nov. 24, 2012
AVOID. Now that Samsung and others are taking market share, growth is in question. Stock may stay in a sideways pattern.

» Tesla Motors (TSLA).         Oct. 12, 2012
SELL SHORT! This company is going to the brink of bankruptcy! Unless Toyota, its partner, labels these vehicles "Toyota," the sales targets for its survival -- to say nothing of profit -- will fall short. What will probably happen is that Toyota will wait for Tesla's price to fall so far, setting the stage for concerns of bankruptcy, and then purchase the shares it does not already own. At that point, they have no excuse not to relabel the cars "Toyota." By doing so, the stigma of a rich person's car, even an epicurian's car, will defeat sales goals. The reason sales are so dismal is that Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf dominate. Even so, unit sales of those vehicles are also sparse. So, there you go. Time will tell ...
» UCO (PNNW).         Oct. 6, 2012
This ETF is a way to double oil's price-per-barrel percentage move, and is my latest stock purchase. I got in at 30.00 and after a few days sold Nov 2012 calls, strike price 30, receiving a premium of $2.90.

» Apple Computer Co. (AAPL).         Sept 15, 2012
A little reckless in participating in this volatile stock, but I took my 40 points from 566 to 606 and was satisfied. I had gotten in in May. Now sold.

» Pennichuck (PNNW).         Nov. 6, 2011
Well, the Cephelon deal was finalized, the cash came in to my account in lieu of my shares, and I used it to get into PNNW, which will hit $29 per share when it ceases trading, probably at the end of this year. Do you like the way I said, "it will hit," so assuredly. I hope so, because when I invest in a take-over, I am not relying on randomness --- agreements are in place, and there is no wishy-washiness involved, unlike with other stocks.

» Varian (VSEA).         Nov.5 , 2011
Normally, I wouldn't have any interest in a company involved in the semiconductor industry, but because Varian is being taken over for $63 per share in cash, I am quite interested!

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» Goodyear Preferred; Alcoa preferred.         Sept. 4, 2011
The risk-reward ratio for these preferred stock investments seems ideal. For low volatility and very established businesses, you'll get 7% annually on each of these two.

» Covered calls on DBO, the oil ETF.         July 5, 2011
I am excited with my new position in covered calls on DBO, the oil ETF. Currently trading at 28.74, August 29 calls are at about 90 cents.

» DBO, the oil ETF.         Aug 6, 2011
Update: Now that oil gas gone from $97 to $87 per barrel , I will buying like there's no tomorrow! But since I ALWAYS have an exit strategy, I will sell most of my position when oil hits $96 per barrel.

» Covered calls on DBO, the oil ETF.         July 5, 2011
I am excited with my new position in covered calls on DBO, the oil ETF. Currently trading at 28.74, August 29 calls are at about 90 cents.

» Cephalon, symbol CEPH            Aug 6, 2011
Of course, I am a believer in arbitrage, so due to the iron-clad agreement they have with TEVA to be bought out at $81.50 per share, I have bought some shares myself at $79.98. I am not going to be in some sort of panic like the rest of the world, with the Dow losing 500 points in one day, because a deal's a deal! I WILL get my $81.50 per share. There are no "maybe's" about it!

» Novo Nordisk, symbol NVO            June 14, 2011
Just wanted to let you know what I heard about a potentially blockbuster medication. It is Victoza from Novo Nordisk, symbol NVO. So, I have bought some shares myself. - Tori

» Voltaire Limited symbol VOLT            Dec 14,2010
Voltaire Limited (VOLT) is getting bought out in an all-cash transaction at a price of $8.75 per share. Who else is buying some shares? I am!

ADC Telecommunications             Aug 20,2010
I heard about ADC Telecommunications being bought out by Tyco from Jim Cramer on his "Mad Money" show on CNBC.

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